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Operation Bookmark Happiness

Sponsor a teacher, any teacher anywhere, for $20 and Kamrie will send bookmarks for all of the kids in the class. The money raised will be used to help homeless children and other kids in need.  Just click on the link above to make your donation. In the message part of the donation, list the teacher’s name, school, grade & school address. (We include 28 bookmarks with each class. If there are more than 28 students in the class, please note that in your message.) Please add a few extra dollars for shipping.

You can sponsor your teacher by paying online above or mail to: Kamrie Ewing, PO Box 616, Dover, AR 72837

Kamrie started Operation Bookmark Happiness on December 9, 2012 when she decided to try to raise $100 for a local orphanage. Five days later, she had raised over $2,000!  So far she has raised  $5,000 through Operation Bookmark Happiness.

A few of Kamrie’s bookmarks
Just a few of Kamrie's bookmarks

Just a few of Kamrie’s bookmarks

Kamrie presenting the $2,000 that she from her "Operation Bookmark Happiness"

Kamrie presenting the check to the orphanage!

We will have Bookmark Parties to make the bookmarks and we invite anyone and everyone. Date, Time, Place will be announced here.

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