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Operation Bookmark Happiness

HUGE UPDATE: In 2012, we ended up raising $2,800 in the 5 days that “Operation Bookmark Happiness” was underway. It was truly amazing and we hope that this will become an annual fund-raiser for Kamrie’s Colorful Creations. Kamrie donated every penny raised to the 49 kids at The Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton, AR.

Not all sponsors have paid yet but looks like we raised $1,800 for the Southern Christian Home orphanage last week… in only 5 days!!! 24 people volunteered yesterday for 3-5 hours to help us make almost 3,000 bookmarks for classroom all over Arkansas and even one in Mississippi, one in Iowa and three in California! This has been a lot of hard work but it has been a true blessing to be a part of. Just last night we were contacted by a woman who wants to give bookmarks to all the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. She said that she would pay for 1/2 of the classes if we could get sponsors for the other 1/2. There are 525 students and 27 classes. So that is what we are working on now! I don’t know what God has planned but my family is glad that we are a part of it! Thanks to everyone who sponsored a teacher last week in “Operation Bookmark Happiness” to benefit the orphanage. Thanks to everyone who decides to sponsor a Sandy Hook Classroom. Please reference “Sany Hook” in you donation when you are making your donation. Thanks everyone…

(Scroll to the bottom to see a list of which teachers have been sponsored already.)

 “Operation Bookmark Happiness” as 9 yr old Kamrie took all of 2 seconds to name, is to raise money for Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton, AR for Christmas. Through our church, we have learned about this orphanage over the past few weeks and God has laid it upon our hearts to help these kids if we can. The message given in church this morning confirmed it for us: “if you can’t help 100, then help just ONE”.

Kamrie and one of her bookmarks made from the scraps of ribbon left from her ponytail ribbons that she makes.

Kamrie and one of her bookmarks made from the scraps of ribbon left from her ponytail ribbons that she makes.


So what is “Operation Bookmark Happiness”?

Kamrie is totally excited about helping these 49 children! So what is “Operation Bookmark Happiness”? We would like for all of you to sponsor a teacher for $20. (any teacher at any school anywhere) The $20 will pay for us to make bookmarks for your teacher’s entire class – every student! The $20 will actually go to the orphanage and the teacher gets bookmarks to give to her entire class for Christmas.

The hard part about this project is that Christmas is almost here. We want to be able to gather the sponsors & donations this week and make all of the bookmarks next Saturday, Dec 15th. Deadline for sponsoring a teacher will be Friday, Dec 14th. I will also mention that if we have quite a few teachers being sponsored, we may be asking for a few 9 yr olds to get together with us next Saturday to help Kamrie make the bookmarks… it’ll be a blast! I’m hoping that we have a ton of teachers sponsored because making the bookmarks and knowing that you are helping someone else will enable these 9 yr olds to have a heart of giving this Christmas season.

So even if you don’t know a teacher, you can still sponsor one. You can just tell us what school you want it to go to or what grade or you can even let Kamrie choose a teacher for you. Those of you who know which teachers you want to sponsor, just let us know and we will even deliver the bookmarks to the school on Monday, Dec 17th (we will deliver them to local schools, Dover, Atkins, Hector, Dardanelle, Russellville, Pottsville, Dover, etc) Otherwise you can add a couple dollars and we will ship them to you or to any school anywhere!

So what do ya’ll think? Can you help us do this? The bookmarks shown are kinda girly, we can do solid colors for boys, even their school colors.  Come on people, let’s help 49 kids in a orphanage and give classrooms full of kids some bookmarks! How can we go wrong? We only have one week to get this done though.  “If you can’t help 100, then help just ONE”!!!  

What to do next:

1. Tell us which teachers you are sponsoring and from which schools.

2. Use the PayPal link on this site at

(PayPal keeps about 2% but the speed and convenience is well worth it)

3. Or put a check in the mail to: Kamrie Ewing, PO Box 616, Dover, AR 72837

4. Share this link with as many people as you know! Thanks so much!

And I guess that does it! “Operation Bookmark Happiness” is underway!

Teachers who have been sponsored :

Keep in mind that only about 1/2 of these sponsors have actually paid.  Please Please Friends, your donation is for the kids at the orphanage. If you see your teacher listed below already sponsored, please donate anyway. So go ahead and put your teacher’s name down as your choice and we will switch it if needed. We can pick a teacher from the same school and same grade for you. If all from that grade are sponsored, we will go to the next closest grade from the same school.


3 Classes – Sherry Robertson


1 Class – Ottumwa Christian School


1 Class – Southaven, MS


Kindergarten: Tyger Sims

2nd Grade: Kelli Cogswell

Center Valley

Kindergarten: Mrs Davis

1st Grade: Mrs Todd, Martha Eidson

2nd Grade: Mrs Norris

3rd Grade: Mrs Forehand

ALL 4th Grade: Holt, Golden, Lydon


Primary: Mrs Thomas

5th Grade: Theresa Dennis

Dover School

ALL Kindergarten: Casey Taylor, Lisa Rentfro, Kathy Williams, Stephanie Sentell, Donella Willis, Jackie Thomas/Morgan Austin

ALL 1st Grade: Kelley Chance, Mrs Roe, Suzanne Srader, Mrs LaRue, Mrs Hurley,

ALL 2nd Grade: Mrs Leavell, Cheryl Johnson, Mrs Widner, Mrs Race, Kelly Williams

ALL 3rd Grade: Laura Fields, Mrs Hudson, Cara Williams, Lisa Hood, Lisa Collins

ALL 4th Grade: Mrs Hubbard, Jehlen/Arivett, Mrs George, Mrs Aday, Mrs Verdoorn,

ALL 5th Grade: Mrs Ballanger, Mrs Conley, Marty Luebker, Janelle Miller, Rhonda Waterman

Self Contained: Ramberg

6th Grade: Vanessa George

PE: Mrs Land

High School: Ella Collins


1st Grade: Mrs Pruitt, Mrs Knudsen, Vanessa Huddleston


Kindergarten: Mrs Gray, Mrs Watson, Mrs Bell

1st Grade: Lana Muncy

2nd Grade: Mrs Lee, Mrs Henderson

3rd Grade: Mrs Alvis

High School: Lisa Shartawn

Howard, Ft Smith

4th Grade: Kim Vongphachanh

Jimstone Elem, Conway

1st Grade: Sarah Moore


Kindergarten: Lindsey Chism

1st Grade: Mrs Homer

2nd Grade: Mrs Ball

4th Grade: Mrs Hilton

Oakland Heights

Kindergarten: Mrs Letson

4th Grade: Melissa Storm


Kindergarten: Mrs Rudder

1st Grade: Mrs. Henderson, Bonnie Watkins, Mrs England, Mrs Dugger

2nd Grade: Becki Branum, Lane Smith

4th Grade: Angela Williams, Karen Standridge

6th Grade: Miss Bruce/5th period

9th Grade: Carmen Flurry

Jr High Librarian: Donna Stobaugh


4th Grade: Jennifer Wheeler

Russellville UE5G

5th Grade: Mrs McGee


Kindergarten: Whitney Freeman

1st Grade: Mrs Harris, Mrs Evans

2nd Grade: Mrs Grice

3rd Grade: Mrs Ritter

4th Grade: Mrs Harrison

St. John’s Catholic

Pre-K: Dee Humphrey

Kindergarten: Krista Stratton

1st Grade: Martinez

2nd Grade: Debbie Ford

3rd Grade: Vega


Kindergarten: Sumer Willis


1st Grade: Ms Avra

3rd Grade: Mrs Reeves


Kindergarten: Janet Sutterfield

5th Grade: Sarah Caudle

High School: Daniel Caudle

Don’t forget librarians, principals, nurses, etc if your child’s teacher is already on the list. Remember it’s about helping the orphanage. We can find a teacher for you to sponsor. Not a problem!IMG_0018

4 thoughts on “2012 “Operation Bookmark Happiness”

  1. I want to sponsor Mrs. Hurley’s classroom Dover elementary 1st. grade…Awesome gift for the kids at the orphanage.

  2. Just wanted to make sure you got my note on the facebook page, I asked to sponsor Mrs Hilton (4th)and Mrs Homer (1st) at London, and paid through the paypal site on here earlier. Just didn’t see it on the updated list yet. Thanks!

  3. Since I forgot today to pay I want to pay by pay pal. Teachers and grades at St Johns Catholic are 3rd Jr Vega. 1st Mrs Martinez? and pre k Dee Humphrey’s

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