“If you can’t help 100, Help JUST1”

Bracelets are available in adult and youth sizes. Please order in quantities of 5 or more.

Every 4 1/2 hours in America, a child commits suicide and every 47 seconds, a child is abused or neglected. Won’t you join us on May 16th and help us put a little light in these kids’ lives?

Kamrie designed “JUST1” bracelets to show participation in and to raise awareness of  “JUST1” Day, May 16th. The bracelets are $1 each and all proceeds go to Kamrie’s Colorful Creations, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless children/children in need.

To register for free and to purchase "JUST1" bracelets, click here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/just1-day-tickets-10708566611

To purchase “JUST1” bracelets, click here:

“JUST1” Bracelets are here! You can purchase the bracelets here on our website.

10yr old Kamrie has named Friday, May 16th “JUST1” Day. On this day, she asks that everyone do something nice for a child, no matter how old you are or where you are in the world! This can be something as simple as giving a child a compliment or letting them go first in line at school or even buying them a snack at a ballgame.

Thank you and we hope that you will not only find a unique way to help a child on “JUST1” Day but we hope that you will inspire others to do the same!

For more info on “JUST1” Day, click on the “JUST1” Day tab.

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