Kamrie is a guest speaker!

Kamrie was asked to be a guest speaker for a HUMANitarian club at Chaparral Middle School in California. She met with them via skype. She had a blast!

Kamrie skyping with a California HUMANitarian club of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Kamrie skyping with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders in the Chaparral Middle School HUMANitarian club in California!

A bookmark party will be held on Saturday, Feb 9 to get all of the bookmarks made. The time and location is yet to be announced.  We invite anyone and everyone who wants to volunteer to help us make bookmarks! In December, we ended with 106 teachers sponsored and we had to make 2,600 bookmarks. We raised over $2,000 for the orphanage. Let’s see what we can do this tme!

We will need lots and lots of ribbon, so if you would like to donate ribbon, please mail it to Kamrie Ewing, PO Box 616, Dover, AR 72837 or drop it off at Ewing Photography in Russellville, AR. Ribbon needed: 1 1/2 inch wide (no wire). Valentine colors would be best, but we will take anything!

Kamrie’s Benefit Garage Sale

Kamrie took a bunch of bookmarks and let the kids at the orphanage have whatever they wanted!

Kamrie took a bunch of bookmarks and let the kids at Southern Christian Home have whatever they wanted! Here are 3 older boys looking through the bag of bookmarks picking ones that “aren’t pink”! lol

Kamrie’s Benefit Garage Sale

February 2, 9am-noon at Nebo2 PreOwned Auto Center in Russellville

Kamrie was cleaning out her bedroom over Christmas break and asked if she could donate some of her toys to the orphanage, then she changed her mind… she asked if she could sell them and give the money to the orphanage instead. While we were at the orphanage, a high school senior shared with us her plans for after she graduates. She told us about an extended care program that the orphanage has for the kids that helps pay for their college. Kamrie has also heard that one of the buildings needs a little fixing up… so I think she has paid enough attention to people talking that she knows that they don’t just need toys, they need money to keep the place going. (Smart kid I got here!)

So I decided to clean out some other areas of our house and find some things that I can add to her garage sale. We would like to included anyone and everyone in this sale to benefit the Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton, AR. If you have anything that you would like to donate, please let us know.

Drop off items anytime Tues – Fri 10am-5pm or if we need to make other arrangements to get them, give us a call: 479-880-0065

Thanks so much for helping! Please share this on your facebook and don’t forget to come see us on Feb 2nd!

KARK Channel 4 News in Little Rock


KARK Channel 4 interviewed Kamrie at the orphanage when she donated the $2,000 from Operation Bookmark Happiness! Click on the link above to see it on their website.

KARK 4 News Interviewing Kamrie at the orphanage

KARK 4 News Interviewing Kamrie at the orphanage

$2,000 for Southern Christian Home

Kamrie presenting the $2,000 that she from her "Operation Bookmark Happiness"

Kamrie presenting the $2,000 that she raised from her “Operation Bookmark Happiness”

Kamrie started “Operation Bookmark Happiness” to raise $100 for the kids at Southern Christian Home in Morrilton. Five days later, she had raised $2,000 instead! She had classrooms sponsored all over Arakansas but also one in Mississippi, one in Iowa and three in California! Thanks to everyone who donated to her project.

If you would like to know more about “Operation Bookmark Happiness” just click on the links to the right. You can still sponsor a teacher. Just make your donation here and in the message or in a post here let us know which teacher and where to send the bookmarks.

Kamrie is currently taking donations to sponsor each of the 27 Sandy Hook Classrooms lire ici. We have a local teacher who offered to pay for 1/2 of them if we can get sponsors for the other 1/2. It’s $20 per classroom and the money is donated to the Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton. We hope to be mailing the bookmarks to Connecticut by the first week of January.

Sandy Hook

HUGE UPDATE: Not all sponsors have paid yet but looks like we raised $1,800 for the Southern Christian Home orphanage last week… in only 5 days!!! 24 people volunteered yesterday for 3-5 hours to help us make almost 3,000 bookmarks for classroom all over Arkansas and even one in Mississippi, one in Iowa and three in California! This has been a lot of hard work but it has been a true blessing to be a part of.

Just last night we were contacted by a woman who wants to give bookmarks to all the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. She said that she would pay for 1/2 of the classes if we could get sponsors for the other 1/2. There are 525 students and 27 classes. So that is what we are working on now! I don’t know what God has planned but my family is glad that we are a part of it! Thanks to everyone who sponsored a teacher last week in “Operation Bookmark Happiness” to benefit the orphanage. Thanks to everyone who decides to sponsor a Sandy Hook Classroom. Please reference “Sany Hook” in you donation when you are making your donation. Thanks everyone…

Goal of $2,000 for Korey Heath is DONE!

Kamrie sold hair ribbons for 6 months and raised $2,000 for 11yr old cancer patient Korey Heath

Kamrie sold hair ribbons for 6 months and raised $2,000 for 11yr old cancer patient Korey Heath

Kamrie’s goal to raise another $1,000 for 11 yr old cancer patient, Korey Heath is DONE!

The first week of December she finally reached the mark.

Thanks to everyone for supporting her and buying her hair ribbons… especially $2,000 worth!

Another Interview!

Kamrie was asked by our local “About Magazine” for an interview. They want to put her story in their December issue, so we are totally excited!

We will be doing the interview at 7pm at Starbucks tonite, so come see us if you wanna pick up a few ribbons for Christmas gifts!

Making new Friends

I found these peg boards at Lowe’s for $5… what a bargain… makes a great way for her to display her ribbons. Best part is, the wind won’t blow them away!

Here are just a few pics from when we were invited to the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce last month for a small motorcyle event they had last month. It ended up being cold and rainy and there wasn’t much of a turn out, so she didn’t sell a lot of ribbon but we met a lot of really nice people and we had a lot of fun!

Awesome Harley at the Harley even we were invited to at the Lander’s Harley Davidson Dealership in Conway last month.

Here are some pics of when Kamrie was invited to the Lander’s Harley Davidson Dealership in Conway for a Family Day that they had last month.

She raised about $150 at this event and it was a lot of fun!

A friend of mine stopped by to buy some ribbons while were in Conway at the Harley Davidson Dealership.

Kamrie walking around telling EVERYONE about her ribbons and her cause! She talked to EVERYONE… I guess this endeavor of hers wouldn’t really work if she were shy, so here’s my “not-shy” child chatting it up with the nice folks at the Christian Motorcycle Assoc booth in Conway!




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