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9 yr old Kamrie Ewing’s Mission:

Kamrie would love for all kids to have as many toys and nice clothes as they could possibly dream of having, but that’s not where her heart really lies. She’s not interested so much in the “extras”. She wants to make sure that every child everywhere has their daily necessities taken care of. When asked if she wanted to buy specific toys for the kids at the orphanages, she immediately answered no. She said that she would rather help them with things they really need.  She said, “If they have a leaky roof or broken floor then I want them to be able to fix it.” She knows that her church and other organizations help out sometimes with the gift giving occasions, so she wants to help with all the extra costs… for the necessities. So that is where your donations go. The money that Kamrie raises goes directly to caring for homeless children. In two months, she raised $5,000 for the Southern Christian Home in Morrilton, AR. In 11 months, she raised $10,000.

She googled “children’s homes” and discovered that there are at least 18 children’s homes/orphanages just in Arkansas. She started doing the math in her head and was completely shocked to think about how many children all over the world go to bed at night without their parents tucking them in. She wants to help them all and with your help, she will. “If you can’t help 100, then help just ONE.”

Meet the little 9 year girl who is making hair ribbons and donating the money to charity.

July 2012 til now UPDATES:

1. She sold enough hair ribbons in 6 WEEKS to donate $1,000 to the 11 yr old cancer patient. As we were pulling out of their driveway after giving her the money, Kamrie said, “I wanna do it again, Momma.”

2. December 18, 2012 She donated the next $1,000 from hair ribbons for the same little girl.

3. December 9, 2012 she decided to try to raise $100 for Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton, AR. She named her project “Operation Bookmark Happiness” and 5 days later, she had raised $2,000 for the orphanage!

4. She had 24 volunteers show up at our church on Day 6 of “Operation Bookmark Happiness” to help her make 2,800 bookmarks. It only took 24 people, 4 1/2 hours, 100-125 spools of ribbon and lots of blistered fingers!

5. After raising the $2,000 for the orphanage, she was challenged by a local teacher to get sponsors for each of the 27 Sandy Hook Classrooms and send them bookmarks. This teacher is willing to pay for 1/2 of the classes if Kamrie gets sponsors for the other 1/2. She has almost raised another $1,000 for the orphanage!

6. She decided to sell some of her toys so that she could give more money to the orphanage, so we asked our friends and family to donate anything they wanted to the garage sale. The community poured out their support! On Feb 2, 2013 she had a huge garage sale with 30 volunteers and raised $2,176 for the orphanage. In the past 2 months, Kamrie has raised $5,000 for the Southern Christian Home orphanage!

7. A local attorney, Troy Whitlow, contacted us and donated his services to create a nonprofit organization for her! The sky is the limit now!

8. In April 2013, she decided to sell t-shirts. She came up with a design for the back of the shirts and the front has her slogan “If you can’t help 100, help JUST1” on it. After selling shirts for 3 months, she has now reached a landmark: Kamrie’s Colorful Creations has raised $10,000 in less than a year… all to help kids in need. We never would have thought a year ago, that this is where we would be today! Thanks so much to everyone for your support!

How did this get started? July 2012…

Kamrie is an ordinary 9 year girl who lives in a small town in Dover AR. She’s going into the 4th grade and I thought that making ribbons would give her something fun to do during the summer just to keep her from getting so bored while school is out. The first week of July 2012, I asked her if she would like to make some hair ribbons and try to sell a few. I also asked her if she did sell some, what would she want to buy… was there something that she’s been wanting that her dad and I wouldn’t get her. I was thinking she would say “a new bike” or something like that. Instead, Kamrie said, “well, I would want to give it to an orphanage.” I was shocked when I heard her response and thought maybe she had misunderstood the question so I repeated the question… and Kamrie repeated her answer!

So Kamrie then told me that she really wanted to just help kids who don’t have a home or food and stuff like that. I and my husband were very surprised at her answer and decided that if she wanted to give the money away, that would be great and we would definitely be willing to donate some money toward spools of ribbon to get her started. We really didn’t think she would sell very many, maybe a few to some family members and friends, but Kamrie was excited about it, so we bought some ribbons and pony tails and set up a portable table and Kamrie started making hair ribbons.

I announced it to my friends on facebook and a couple of them said they wanted to support her and they started ordering a few ribbons. Kamrie was totally excited. When I saw that she was actually going to sell a few, I told her that if she sold $100 worth, I would take her picture and see if the local paper would print her story.

This all started about the first week of July (2 weeks ago) and just a couple of days after starting, Kamrie was asked by 2 local hair salons to put her ribbons in them and they would help her sell some. Last week our son started playing in a State Baseball Tournament and Kamrie asked if she could take her ribbons and see if people would buy them from her. She took her ribbons and she walked around peddling them in 105 degree heat for 2-3 hours at a time and people bought them… they bought a lot of them and they even gave her some small donations!

It’s only been 10 days since she started and she already has $440 to donate! We didn’t think she would even get to $100 and she has surpassed that completely! The night that she counted her money and it was over $100, she came into the kitchen and told us all, “Close your ears!” and she screamed at the top of her lungs. She was soooo excited!

Since then she has earned over $400 and has been asked to make 40 hair ribbons for a group of local peewee cheerleaders. Two more salons have asked her put some in their businesses and she got her first order by mail two days ago.

We don’t know where this journey is taking us or how long it will last, but as long as people will buy her ribbons, and as long as she still wants to make them, we are going to do whatever we can to help her achieve her goal.

When she reached the $100 mark, we knew we had to start really thinking about who she should donate the money to. The first Friday night that she sold her ribbons at the ballpark, we heard about a local 11 year old girl who had just been diagnosed with cancer. She had a successful surgery and was beginning her chemotherapy the next week and even though Kamrie doesn’t know this girl personally and even tho she doesn’t understand the extent of what this 11 yr old girl is going through, she knows it’s bad and she is  heart broken for her. We all are. My husband told Kamrie to pray about it and we would let her donate it where she felt that God wanted her to donate it. She took a few days and has learned more and more about the 11 yr old and feels strongly that she should give all of the money to that family. So that’s what we are doing. After the cheerleading order is complete, she will have well over $500 to give, and I guess it is still growing.

I guess we will keep making ribbons til people quit buying ribbons!

So that’s Kamrie’s story. Oh and she even came up with the name all by herself. At first she had the word Plaza in the name and when I explained to her what that word really was, she took it out and just left it Kamrie’s Colorful Creations.

Her initial goal was to raise $100 and she did that rather quickly. Then she raised her goal to $300 and she has passed that. Now that she’s over $500 with the cheer order, her goal is $1,000. That is just crazy unbelievable to me, knowing where we started… just two weeks ago…  it’s just fantastic! So if you would like to help her reach her goal of $1,000, please buy some of the ribbons shown on this website or order something special or you can even make a donation. We will keep everyone up to date on here. Who knows where this road will end up!

We have had a teacher who has asked her if she could make some ribbon bookmarks that she could give to the kids in her classroom, so you may be seeing some of those on here. As long as Kamrie can make them and she’s enjoying it and is making a difference… I guess we are up for the challenge and we will make whatever!

Again thanks for stopping by!

~Melanie and Kamrie Ewing

7 thoughts on “About Kamrie

  1. I am so proud of you Kamrie:) Keep of the good work!!! What a wonderful way to spend you summer and to make a difference in other peoples lives:)

  2. Way to go, Kamrie! I’m very impressed! You are doing a wonderful thing! Keep up the good work!
    Love, Mrs. Williams (one of the Dover KIndergarten teachers!)

  3. Good luck to Kamrie! She has a heart of gold & I think what she’s doing is awesome! I have shared this story to help spread the word & help support this great cause! 🙂

  4. Kamrie,
    I am so impressed with your creativity and compassion!! Your an amazing and generous girl to do what you are doing!!! I am beyond proud of you! My daughter is in the cheer team and we will be supporting your cause as we wear your beautiful ribbons!!! Thanks sweet girl!!:)
    Mrs. George

  5. This is amazing! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I’m trying to decide what I’d like to get. I have two boys, and I don’t think would like hair ribbons. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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