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Operation Bookmark Happiness

Since July 2012, Kamrie’s Colorful Creations has raised over $20,000 in goods and donations and 25% of it has come directly from “Operation Bookmark Happiness”. It continues to be Kamrie’s biggest fundraiser each year.

The 4th Annual Operation Bookmark Happiness (2015) is yet to be announced. This usually begins in October and ends in December.

4th graders, 9th graders, parents and even grandparents volunteered to help Kamrie make 2,600 bookmarks for last year's "Operation Bookmark Happiness" raising $2,800 for kids in need in only 5 days!

Pictured above are the volunteers who came to Kamrie’s very first Bookmark Party in December 2012.  Kids and teens, parents and even grandparents volunteered to help Kamrie make 2,800 bookmarks for 2012’s “Operation Bookmark Happiness” raising $2,800 for kids in need in only 5 days.

HOW IT WORKS: Our 4th Annual “Operation Bookmark Happiness” will start in October 2015.  Sponsor any teacher in the United States for $20 and we will make bookmarks for every student in the class. The money raised benefits kids in need, specifically homeless children: suitcases for foster kids, curling irons, hair straighteners, shoes, toiletries and more.   

We will deliver or ship the bookmarks to local schools (Russellville AR area). We will mail the bookmarks to other schools.  We have shipped bookmarks to California, Iowa, Mississippi, Illinois, Kansas and all over Arkansas!

Pay online using any donation link on our website, or mail your donation to Kamrie’s Colorful Creations, 1390 Bayou Ridge Loop, Dover, AR 72837. Please include the teacher’s name, grade, and school along with school address if we are shipping the bookmarks.  We automatically include 28 bookmarks in each teacher’s bag. Some states have higher classroom sizes. If you need more than 28, please specify.

HOW DID THIS START: This project started in December 2012 when 9yr old Kamrie Ewing said that she wanted to try to raise $100 for Christmas for 49 kids at The Southern Christian Home orphanage in Morrilton, AR. We came up with the details and started telling people about it and the response was huge! We asked people to sponsor a teacher for $20 and Kamrie would make bookmarks for all the kids in that teacher’s classroom and she would donate the money to The Southern Christian Home. Kamrie needed 5 people to sponsor a teacher to reach her goal of $100. The first day, ten people sponsored a teacher. Two days later, she had 52 teachers sponsored, and 5 days later she had 106 teachers sponsored! We had a teacher in Iowa, one in Mississippi and three in California sponsored!

After 106 classrooms were sponsored, we started getting worried because now Kamrie not only had to make 100 bookmarks out of her scraps of ribbon, she had to make almost 3,000 bookmarks and there was no way she had enough scraps of ribbon for that! So we asked for volunteers to help us make the bookmarks and 25 people showed up at our church that Saturday morning. Our volunteers were amazing. No one left early and no one complained. Everyone knew the cause and everyone was there to help til the last bookmark was bagged up. At that bookmark party, people were already asking to help with the next year’s 2nd Annual “Operation Bookmark Happiness”.

So here we are, two years later, launching our 3rd Annual “Operation Bookmark Happiness”. This event is to not only raise money for children in need, but to also get others involved. Making these bookmarks by hand is probably not the quickest way to accomplish the task of sending out thousands of bookmarks, but it allows others to give of themselves and to serve others. Getting involved and knowing that your hard work is making a difference is very rewarding.

If you see that your teacher has already been sponsored, please sponsor another or you can let us choose for you. Remember, we are raising money for children in need. Last year we took those requests and chose another teacher in the same grade at the same school as the one you wanted. When those are all sponsored, we go to the grade below and start filling those. 

REMINDER: If you see that your teacher has already been sponsored, please sponsor another. Remember, we are raising money for children in need.

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